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Find a spectacular selection of Barrett firearms for sale online right here. Here at Barrett Firearm, we carry a large selection of Barrett rifles available in stock. We’ve got a wide selection of Barrett firearms, so you can be sure to find the one you’re looking for. We offer amazing discounts such as a 15% military and a 15% discount to all purchases made using cryptocurrency. The M107A1 is the military version of the 82A1. It offers the same power and accuracy as its brother but with a couple of changes. The most notable is that it is created to take a suppressor right out of the box where the 82A1 will need upgrades to manage the extra hardware.

Barrett rifles have been an iconic symbol of strength and precision since the inception of their most renowned rifle, the 50 caliber shoulder fired semi-automatic Barrett 82A1. In 1982 when Ronnie Barrett introduced the first shoulder-fired .50 cal rifle system, he brought forth a new kind of weapons platform that combined the immense power of the .50 BMG round with a precision and size that allowed it to be utilized by the common foot soldier. Since then Barrett firearms has grown their rifle line to include precision rifles in a multitude of calibers and action types.

We have a wide selection of Barrett M82 Rifles available in stock. These rifles are the most accurate and reliable firearms in the world and are ideal for long-range shooting. Featuring a free-floating barrel and thermal insulation between the chamber and barrel, the Barrett M82 Rifle is highly efficient and designed for extreme accuracy at longer ranges. With its recoil reduction system, the Barrett M82 is a premium option for competitive, tactical, and recreational shooters alike. Our selection includes a variety of calibers, colors, and models, so you can find the perfect Barrett M82 Rifle to fit your needs. Stop by today to check out our selection and find the Barrett M82 Rifle that’s perfect for you.

Barrett Rifles For Sale

Founded by Ronnie Barrett in Tennessee in 1982, for three decades Barrett has been a leader in developing sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns for militaries around the world. Barrett himself is also credited with designing the first .50 caliber rifle for use by civilians. Popular Barrett firearm models include the Barrett 50, Barrett M82 and the Barrett M107, but be sure to check here with us for any Barrett rifles model you’re searching for. Barrett firearms are special in a way that transcends face value because of the intrinsic historical value they carry. With decades of experience at the forefront of rifle innovation, Barrett is a respected name in the firearms industry. Find whatever type of Barrett firearms rifle you are looking for today by browsing our complete selection of new barrett firearms – and possess your very own piece of history.

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We Have A Variety Of Barrett Firearms Available In Stock

The Barrett M95 offers the power of the .50 cal in a bulpup bolt action design. This allows the user the ability to have a full length 29″ barrel in a compact 45″ overall rifle length.

The Barrett M99 gives you the option between a couple big bore calibers, including the .50BMG. It is the most simple Barrett firearms offering in a single shot bolt action design – but when accuracy and reliability are crucial, simplicity can reign king.

The Barrett M98B is purpose built to provide long range shooters an extremely accurate rifle with all of the options you could hope for. Offered in a variety of calibers, from .308 Win to .338 Lapua, this rifle will hit its target with sub-minute of angle accuracy.

The Barrett REC7 is built in the style of the traditional AR. It is offered in 5.56 Nato, 6.8 SPC and .300 BLK. Highly accurate and reliable, it will provide the opportunity to put rounds down range quickly,reliably, and effectively.

Barrett’s entry into the caliber interchangeable rifle market, the Multi-Role Adaptive Design, or MRAD, is a highly accurate modular bolt-action rifle. It comes in a variety of calibers that are interchangeable with very little effort. It also features a foldable stock that allows it to become very compact for travel.Throughout the years of innovation one thing has not changed for Barrett firearms- their desire to offer exciting new products that are as reliable as they are accurate.

The Barrett .50 rifle is an iconic piece of military hardware. Designed to provide the most accurate and powerful long-range weapon possible, the Barrett .50 is a .50 caliber bolt action sniper rifle that has been used by the military for decades. In addition to its impressive range, the Barrett .50 is famous for its extreme accuracy, capable of hitting targets up to 1800m away with incredible accuracy. Due to its reliability and durability, the Barrett .50 is used by many military forces around the world for long-range engagements. The Barrett .50 is a true testament to the power and accuracy that modern military weapons can produce.